New standards of comfortable living

The multifunctional complex, Capital City, sets new standards in comfortable living. The tower hight is set accordingly at 274 m high for Moscow Tower and 235 m high for Saint Petersburg Tower. The apartments will be located from the 19th to the 73rd floors revealing a unique Moscow view that one can enjoy for hours. It is particularly noteworthy that the complex is located adjacent to the Moskva River on the first building line.
The highest level of service, luxurious modern design and safe environment makes Capital City one of the most attractive places to live.

All the apartments in Capital City are divided into 5 types:

De Luxe apartment: 101,9 - 106,0 sqm

Superior apartment: 181,3 - 199,0 sqm

Grand superior apartment: 181,9 - 208,5 sqm

Executive apartment: 217,0 - 241,7 sqm

President apartment: 215,5 - 234,7 sqm

It is very important to mention the fact that the apartments are ready for fine finish. All the main works floor underlay, plumbing and electrical works will be done during the construction stage. It will free you of the tedious fitting-out process and will essentially facilitate the moving-in process. You will have only to choose the finishing materials.