Capital City

Classics and Innovation

The combination of two towers with 73 and 62 floors each, named after the two capitals of Russia Moscow and Saint Petersburg and the adjacent office complex have been designed by the American architectural firm NBBJ.

Architectural conception of the complex is rooted in the Russian constructivism of the twentieth century, with its clear and distinct geometric forms. The square towers are twisted around its access on the level of the technical floors, which adds dynamic perspective to their silhouette. Geometrical shape of the two towers provides structural strength and allows to create spacious apartments with panoramic views.

The ideas of Russian constructivism manifest themselves not only in the proportion of the sizes of the podiums and the towers, but also in the design of the facade. The vertical lines are highlighted by a mosaic made of dark and light terra-cotta tablets. The tablets also emphasize the residential part of the building, where there is again a combination of smooth and rough surfaces on the podium facade.